Long Time, No Post

So, yesterday I’m sitting in a meeting with the YA team and one of my colleagues says, “I don’t know if you know this, but K blogs regularly.” Imagine my embarrassment.

Yes, I am a teen librarian now, at least part-time.  It is a split position and the vast majority of the job tends to fall in the younger range. I’m finding the process of growing a teen presence in the library even more difficult than I imagined.  (Also, I’m going to have to learn how to say no.  I just can’t join every committee and do every presentation that comes along.)

Thanks in part to all  those commitments I haven’t said no to, I have a few stacks of middle grade books waiting to be read. Look for some mock Newbery discussion in the coming weeks. Though if you want a really good Newbery discussion check out the Heavy Medal blog over at SLJ.

One thing about this new(ish) position is that every morning I get to drive over a bridge and everyday the water is different.  Most days, from the apex of the bridge, I can see the ocean and when the sun is filtering through the clouds in distinct beams and the bay is glistening it truly seems to be ” an enchanted land.”


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